Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Hi friends, I’d like to showcase Christa Mastrangelo Joyce. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her a few times. She is such an enlightened, kind and gentle soul. Christa holds an abundant amount of love and light that she chooses to give away unconditionally. You can’t help but feel lighter and more connected to your source, after listening to her. Christa was put here for a purpose and I feel she’s doing her life’s work. Please take a moment to enjoy her interview. Through her accessible yoga practice, she allows us to feel at home in our bodies. I highly recommend checking out her offerings at




Jean Walters Jean Walters: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Hi friends.  I want to tell you about a wonderful human being, Jean Walters.  She brings so much light, hope and positivity into the universe.  I am in awe every time that I speak with her.  Jean has an abundance of love, wisdom and enlightenment that she gives away freely and unconditionally.  She is a very special human being and I am honored to have met her.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to present and ‘showcase’ her to you.

If you are stuck and/or need guidance in your life right now, I highly recommend that you check out all of the wonderful services that she provides or contact her directly.  Jean can be reached at