Mindy Chernoff

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My guest today is Mindy Chernoff. She partners with horses to create a safe and trusted space, where you can experience mindfulness, peace and acceptance. I think you’re going to love our conversation. Check it out and share!


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Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

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Christa shares how abundant loss and grief in her life/community enabled her to realize that the yoga practice is not limited by a physical space. It is something much bigger than our bodies, as the practice is always within us. This awareness gave her a sense of freedom, broke open physical boundaries and has made her practice more accessible. Additionally, by rediscovering one of her first loves, writing, Christa is opening a new community. Supporting the youth in her community has energized her again and she feels hopeful for the future. Christa shares these powerful nuggets of wisdom:
– grief is held by love
– we are meant to be in community
– move to a place of contemplation
– seek stillness
– it’s safe to listen to our bodies
– yoga offers us a place to be in our bodies
– the impetus of change exists
– we can make a change
– contemplation, meditation and conversation are the three practices that are important to Christa

Email:  jalayoga.christa@gmail.com 

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Jean Walters

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Hi friends.  I want to tell you about a wonderful human being, Jean Walters.  She brings so much light, hope and positivity into the universe.  I am in awe every time that I speak with her.  Jean has an abundance of love, wisdom and enlightenment that she gives away freely and unconditionally.  She is a very special human being and I am honored to have met her.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to present and ‘showcase’ her to you.

If you are stuck and/or need guidance in your life right now, I highly recommend that you check out all of the wonderful services that she provides or contact her directly.  Jean can be reached at https://spiritualtransformation.com.

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